Who the heck is this guy?

Star Trek.  Star Wars.  Firefly.  BSG.  Wacky, wonderful, geeky, and imaginative Sci-Fi in general.  I’m a Sci-Fi nerd and proud of it, and I build models in my downtime.  So why not review some of the kits I have, and let you follow along with a build?  Maybe I can help you make a decision about a kit or part you’ve wanted.  Maybe I can help you avoid a mistake or 10 I’m SURE I’ll make along the way while building a kit!  Maybe even (gasp) I can show you a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to help your model building!  In any case, this is my hobby and here is my blog thing.  Hope you like it.

In my younger years, I built models and sold resin kits under Novahobbies.com.  You can still head over there to check out the kits I used to sell…..and you can also look in the gallery pages to have a gander at a lot of interesting built kits!  Novahobbies kits have since been sold to Multiverse Models, so keep an eye out if you see an old kit of mine that you still want…chances are it will be re-released soon!


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