Aftermarket Review! Starcrafts Steamrunner Class Wallpaper Decals

Hot off the presses for Starcrafts, we now have a new way of detailing our 1/1400 scale Steamrunner model kits:  full-model wallpaper paneling decals are here and lookin’ good!  I recently ordered a new 1/1400 scale Steamrunner kit, and Starcrafts kindly sent me an advance copy of these decals to test out before they hit the retail market.

You’re going to get 3 full size sheets of warm gray panel decals, plus a 2-page instruction sheet of where everything goes.  Instructions look good, very easy to follow, and there’s very little to actually paint so you’ll be up and displaying your Steamrunner out of Spacedock in no time.


While the Steamrunner looks pretty good with just a simple paint job of contrasting ghost gray paints, these new decals take the panel look to an insane new level, easily matching the recently released Akira class panel decals that Starcrafts offers.


The new supplement decals give you pretty much every detail that you could need, and they are printed in a warmer gray than the usual Trek ships, which is a very nice departure for this model that I was glad to see.  I’ll be documenting how these go on the kit over the next week, and  I expect them to be available for everyone within the month direct from Starcrafts at, and from Federation Models online. While I don’t know the set price, I assume it’s going to be the same as the price of the Akira class supplemental set — about $25 USD.


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