Kit Review! Starcrafts Vulcan Perimeter Ship







“The movie that got the AX” may be little more than a hopeful geek’s dream now, buried under the weight of studio restrictions and backroom drama. Despite that, we shouldn’t deny one aspect of the legacy that the startup mini-movie has left us with: some remarkably well designed ships that managed to bridge the gap between George Kirk’s time and the TOS era we are all familiar with.  I’ve already covered the out-of-box reviews for both the USS Ares herself and the Klingon D-6 1/1000 scale models that Starcrafts produced earlier, so when they announced a release of the 1/1000 scale Vulcan ship that was briefly seen in one of the teaser trailers, I happily placed my order to add one more Vulcan ship to my ringship fleet.  This kit is not available nor is it affiliated with Axanar Productions, but you can email Starcrafts directly to check for availability.

Star Trek Starcrafts Axanar Vulcan Resin Model Kit


The kit comes wrapped in the usual Starcrafts attire: sturdy cardboard box, overflowing with peanuts, with small parts bagged for protection and large parts loose.  The kit consists of 10 resin parts and one plastic jewel for the base, plus instructions for assembly and painting.  No decals for the kit itself are provided, but there is a decal that goes around the perimeter of the base that looks pretty nice.



I’m happy to say that this kit was designed with lighting in mind.  Parts for the ring are cast in clear resin, and there are small hollows in the side of the ring that are just large enough for a couple 3mm LEDs to transmit light down the rest of the ring.  The lower spike on the bottom of the hull is also clear.  I’m not sure yet if the ring LEDs will transmit light that far, or if I’ll be running fine wire down to that area for a separate LED.



The main hull is also cast hollow in 2 pieces that fit tightly together and will need little to no filler to make the seam disappear.  Windows in the main hull can be drilled out, but since the Vulcan design has….odd…shaped windows, you will want to first thin out the resin from behind, and then use a micro file to shape the windows properly.



The detail on the hull parts is nothing short of beautiful.  Everywhere you look on this kit, there’s impressive fine panel work to be seen, with clean and even panel lines.  This kit is going to benefit from some good dark washes for the deep areas and lighter drybrushes of variations on your hull color to really make those details shine.



I’m including this because I don’t know if it was an air bubble or if it was supposed to be there like a nose floodlight (other Vulcan ships seem to have those).  It’s a thin part of the tip, but if it’s a bubble it’s very even on all sides.  Also, if it is a bubble, it’s literally the only one on the entire model kit.  This baby is otherwise completely bubble free.  I….THINK….it was meant to be a floodlight, but I’m not sure.  That’s most likely what I’m going to do with it in any case.  The stand is as you see it here, very nice and lots of visual interest.  The only provided kit decal will go around the perimeter of this part.


Lastly, here is a final photo of the new model as it compares in size to the 1/1400 D’kyr class ringship.  This model is a beautiful display size.

All in all, I say this is worth 5 out of 5 stars.  There’s very little flash, no air bubbles to mess with, and no mold imperfections I can see.  It’s easy to assemble, perfect for lighting, but will build into an impressive display model regardless of if you choose to light it or not.  Modelers new to resin will be able to build this kit with minimal effort, and those of us with a little more experience will be able to turn this beast into a really stunning display piece.  Just shoot Starcrafts an email to be included in their ordering and mailing list if you want to order this.  I definitely recommend it.  Happy modeling!



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