Kit Review! 1/2500 Scale USS Ares From Prelude To Axanar

There’s a new model on the horizon for 1/2500 scale Trek fans! The USS Ares from the fan-produced Axanar movie is finished, and will be released soon through the donor store. It, like its 1/1000 scale big brother, was produced directly from the digital files used for the Ares digital studio model, and is remarkably detailed. I managed to snag an early review copy of this neat little ship, and I have a feeling our 1/2500 scale modelers are going to love this new kit! So without further ado, let’s get to it:

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Boxart

First, let me get a little googley-eyed over the packaging. I’m sorry, it’s just adorable. This is like a scale model of the BOX the big ship comes in!

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Packaging

The kit is packed almost identically to other SC models…just scaled down. Inside, you’ll find a single-page instruction sheet with paint callouts and basic resin model tips along with construction notes, a nice small decal set with names for two ships (Ares and Allegiance), a small Axanar stand, a plastic bag with the model parts, and a few foam peanuts. I’m not sure what the peanuts are actually protecting in this tiny box, but hey. Ya can’t argue with tradition.

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Instructions

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Decals

The model itself is cast in 4 parts — the main hull, two warp engine/pylon assemblies, and a tiny little deflector dish. The parts I got were all very well cast, with a couple tiny subsurface bubbles on the tips of the nacelles. The detail on these parts is beautiful. You’ll find very finely scribed deflector grids, crisp panels, and sharp looking minute details like the saucer rim windows and impulse engine detail.

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Top

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Bottom

Axanar 2500 Scale Ares Beauty

All in all, I think this a very cool little model. I believe the final price for this in the donor store is going to be somewhere in the $35 range, but DON’T quote me on that…..the good folks at Axanar will post the price when they get the kits online. The Axanar movement has stirred the imagination of the Trek community in a way that no other fan produced movie has really managed to do, and to be honest….. it feels more like “Trek” to me than some of the recent Paramount offerings! I’m thrilled that we now have a small-scale model of the hero ship that we can keep in our collections, and I can’t wait to see what some of our truly skilled 1/2500 scale modelers will do with this new kit.

Now let’s get buildin’!


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